Health & Wellness

This was my third year participating in safety city through our Louisville Police Department at North Nim Elementary. We get assigned to a group of kindergarteners and guide them through a four-day long safety class. Volunteers come in and teach them about ideas of road safety to how to treat animals. Our job was to make sure they made it to the right classrooms and help answer any of their questions. We would take them to the "village" everyday where they would ride bikes. When we were in there we helped them put on their helmets, taught them how to ride on the road and cross the road correctly. When the four days ended, I helped with the recognition ceremony for all the kids. I take pride in what I do so seeing people happy because of something that I did puts me in a good mood. The best feeling was talking to the people at the school in Cleveland while they told us how much they appreciated what we were doing for them. It was very humbling to hear their stories and it made me excited to know that we were able to give them a memorable day. The changes that I'm seeing in my community are people becoming more accepting. Our school system has made FUTP60 a known program and that is a major contributor of why people are more accepting and willing to look for change. They have seen how well our events go and they notice that being healthy is fun. We make it fun to be healthy and encourage people to go out of their comfort zone.

Ohio Ambassador
11th Grade