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Since the day I got the call from AdCap saying that I was chosen to attend the Domino’s Transformation Experience, I realized how one person’s vision can be turned into reality. When I returned home from Michigan I began to encounter challenges with my project. Through perseverance, belief in the project, and support from AdCap, I began to see how a visionary idea can truly come to life.

The outline of my project has changed a bit. We are now implementing an educational garden for local youth at the APX Market. The Local APX Market is a food, farm and artisan market located in historic Appomattox. They work to source some of the highest quality local foods available in Virginia for their retail shelves. The owners believe strongly in supporting young entrepreneurs. I want our young people to learn where their food comes from…seed to table. Therefore, the name of the garden is “The Market Garden.” My goal is for this to be a hands-on educational garden for Appomattox area home educators. Students can expand their garden knowledge and gain understanding of the importance of healthy eating. I plan to have educational speakers and Master Gardeners come in to share their expertise with the students. My hope is to become a community outreach and provide educational opportunities to underserved parts of our area. We want to teach students the gardening process and how to bring their food to market. This will be a rewarding opportunity!

Many of the students need a place where they can let their creativity flourish. We will grow a variety of fruits and vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes cucumbers, beans, carrots and more). Due to an exciting upcoming renovation of the Local APX Market’s kitchen we can teach the students culinary skills and even the process of canning!

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak at “Land and Table.” This is a community potluck held at the APX Market where we all gather to fellowship, network and learn about new events taking place throughout the community. There was a huge turnout of people! I gave a presentation about my project and discussed the importance of healthy eating. I also shared the Domino’s Transformation Experience video and told the audience about my experience at Domino’s Headquarters. Everyone was very engaged and had lots of questions for me. We invited Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners representatives. They shared creative ideas and educated the group on gardening techniques.

Through the challenges I have grown, and I have learned some very important things. First, I am not alone in this project. I have a very supportive team working alongside me. This team includes my family, AdCap, APX Market and the community. Most importantly, never give up! Endure through the challenges and you will be successful!

Virginia AdCap Winner
11th Grade